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Recover like an athlete!

Improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and feel great.

Spend 3 minutes in our Cryo chamber to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and more. 

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a form of cold exposure therapy - similar to how athletes use ice baths, however, with cryotherapy, there’s no need to be cold AND wet! It utilizes extremely cold air to safely, and temporarily, lower the chamber temperature down to -140°C / -220°F.


This cold “shock” stimulates the body's natural response to eustress (a “good” kind of stress), which then stimulates endorphin release, blood circulation, and so much more. This hormetic (“good”) stress activates the sympathetic nervous system which consequently activates a (good) cascade of hormones that support mood, metabolism, and recovery.


Whether you’re looking for an immediate energy boost or long-term maintenance of pain, muscle repair, and oxidative stress, cryotherapy can support your health optimization goals.


Cryotherapy benefits:

How does Cryotherapy work?

Cold exposure in a safe environment creates a form of “good” stress called eustress - the kind of stress your body can benefit from. In whole body cryotherapy, the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated and the body activates survival mechanisms. Additionally, this response promotes blood circulation that optimizes the mitochondria’s processes and reduces damage to organs and tissues caused by oxidative stress.

What to expect during a whole body cryotherapy session:

You will be given socks and mitts to protect your toes and fingers, and you will need to remove all jewelry. Then, you will stand in the chamber and experience the benefits! It’s a super quick process that, from start to finish, is no longer than 10-15 minutes.


Note: you must be completely dry. No wet hair, no sweat.

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