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Mind Labs

3 Decades of Meditation in 5 Days


Reconcile With Your Life

Release From Your Trauma

Live the Best Version of Yourself

Find Joy and Peace Daily

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Embark on a transformative journey to mental clarity with our 5-day brain training program, specifically designed to optimize cognitive function and declutter the mind from decades of accumulated cognitive clutter. Through targeted neurofeedback sessions, you'll engage in a series of personalized exercises that enhance brainwave patterns, promote improved focus, and heightened cognitive function. This intensive program aims to cleanse the mind, offering a unique opportunity to break free from the cognitive fog that may have built up over the past 30 years.


Mind Labs




Life Enhancement

System Reset

Previous Clients Have

Higher IQ + EQ

Improved Relationships

Emotionally Stability

Better Decision Making Skills

Increased Clarity and Creativity

More resilience

Increased Revenue

Reverse Brain Aging

What if we told you

this program may ...


Boost your IQ by 11.7 Points


Increase your creativity by 50%


Reduce PTSD Scores by 40%


Improve control over your emotions by 80%


Improve your quality of life by 45%

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Interested in the Program

Limited Space


The Mind Labs Program involves a three-part process:

About the Five Days



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First, you will get a Brain Map, where we check in under the hood, looking inside your brain with QEEG technology to understand what makes you unique. This brain map will showcase opportunities for specific areas of improvement

Brain Map

Second, we use CAP trainings – targeted and customized neurofeedback to optimize your brain and enhance your strengthswhile mitigating weaknesses.

CAP Training



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Next, we have GAP training, where you will clear out issues, beliefs, and traumas that no longer serve you, and you will be laying down the tracks to a new more vibrant you. 

GAP Training



" By day 5, you'll emerge as the 2.0 version of yourself."

What's Included

1 QEEG Brain Scan

5 Days of Concentrated Brain Training

5 Sessions of CAP Training to Improve Executive Function

Tailored Discussions with Facilitator

Lunch + Dinner Each Day

Supplements to Support your Brain and Enhance Training

Week pass to Use All Equipment at the Biohack Lab FLL

Not Included //

Flights, accommodations, & daily breakfast

Yoga in Nature

Bec Sato

Alice Miller’s facilitating is top notch. She has been one of the most transformational mentor’s of my life. Her wisdom and insights still echo in my mind when I need a lift. There aren’t adequate words to share how gifted and genuine she is in guiding others into deeper and greater clarity. My time with her was the most transformational of my life. If you get a chance to work with Alice, don’t hesitate. You’ll be glad you did.

Client Testimonials

Samie Al-Achrafi

When we work (play!) with consciousness, we are called upon to be intentional about who to be our guide and hold space. Alice is a masterful facilitator - she melds the latest science with ancient wisdom and, rather than settling for ‘psychological comfort’, she offers ‘psychological safety’ in service of seeking higher vibrations. My explorations into brainwaves with Alice proved to be the catalyst for transforming my business, writing international bestselling books…and ultimately, living a more joyful and fulfilled existence. 

Mike Hoban

I met Alice roughly 9 years ago. During that time I was living a life that impeded who I was physically, socially and professionally. 5 days with Alice changed that completely. She was able to show me that I was my own limiting factor, and I had no need to think and live that way any longer.

The Founder

Alice Miller

Combining a background in Information Technology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Meditation, Alice discovered the synergy of these disciplines 13 years ago during her own neurofeedback brain wave training in 2011.


This experience ignited a commitment to contribute to the development and accessibility of transformative programs, aimed at unlocking individuals' true potential. Over the years, she's coached nearly a thousand individuals, witnessing the effectiveness of these programs in optimizing cognitive abilities and enhancing lives.


Her passion for exploring consciousness and fostering personal growth informs the design of these training programs, aimed at bringing individuals closer to their fullest potential. 

Services to Rejuvenate the Body

Your Home for the week is the Biohack Lab, a premier place of relaxation & restoration. Included in your package is the use of all the cutting-edge tools we have available to aid your body as you train the brain.

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