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Peak performance training

Push it to the limit without taxing your muscles.

Step into the future with a truly revolutionary new way to get fit and healthy without breaking a sweat!

What is it?

Our peak performance training machine that combines interval training with compression and cooling, effectively biomimicking an intense workout while cutting actual workout time in half.

Peak performance training benefits:

  • A high-performance workout in half an hour

  • Stamina & endurance improvement

  • Optimize hormone production, including growth hormones

  • Immediate recovery


How does it work?
There a quite a lot of components at work in this machine that makes it nearly magical:



Cooling packs “trick” the body into being cold, so blood is sent to the muscles to recover instead of to the skin to cool the body. 


During exercise, heat from your moving muscles increases your core temperature -- so your blood is also increasing in temperature. Normally, to cool down, your body sends a lot of blood to your skin, since that’s the fastest way for the blood to cool (the outside is cooler than the inside, so bringing blood to the surface cools it).


When you cool the muscles while exercising, the skin doesn’t need to be cooled.


Meanwhile, the compression around the muscles creates a lactic acid buildup. Sounds bad? In this case, it’s actually a good thing! This quick and high buildup of lactic acid triggers your body to release anabolic hormones that put you into immediate recovery mode - so you’re basically recovering while exercising.

These anabolic hormones trigger the HPA axis of growth hormones, including testosterone, which is why the Vasper peak performance training machine is excellent for males to increase vitality, naturally.

Not only will you get an incredible workout and optimize your hormones, but the cold packs reduce sweating, allowing you to pop in for a mid day boost of energy and exercise, then walk out without the need for a shower!

What to expect during a session:

The entire experience lasts approximately 30 minutes, but if you’ve not used the machine before, an extra 10 minutes is recommended to get familiar with the machine and calibrate it to your experience.


We will help you get adjusted into what is essentially a reclined elliptical, and you’ll have instructions guiding you the entire duration of the workout. You will be barefoot and strapped in with cooling pads around your neck, your arms, and your thighs.


As the session begins, you will start moving very slowly, pushing with your arms and your legs.


Once the 20-minute session is complete, you will lie down on a cooling pad for 10 minutes, which brings your heart rate down quickly and enhances recovery.

Who is it good for?

The peak performance training machine is ideal as its own workout, especially for people with incredibly limited time, but is also an excellent warmup for high-endurance athletes. It is suitable for all ages and athletic levels, as it’s custom-calibrated to each user.


After the workout, you will get a chart on your performance sent directly to you so you can track your results and progress as you continue to use it.

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