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nanovi | Oxidative stress relief

Boost your mitochondria from the core.

Rejuvenate and repair cell damage with the 4th stage of water.

What is Oxidative Stress Relief?

It helps cells repair after oxidative stress damage has occurred. One of the main goals of biohacking is to boost the mitochondria’s abilities within the body, and the device improves the mitochondria at their very core! The device support the body’s oxidative response to improve cellular activity and vitality by counterbalancing oxidative stress. 

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How does it work?

A normal and inevitable byproduct of cell metabolism is highly reactive oxygen molecules, known as reactive oxygen species, or ROS.


ROS work in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. ROS act as free radicals that harm cells (bad) 

    1. When they act as free radicals, they bind with other molecules in a cell (proteins, membranes, mitochondria, and even DNA itself). When this happens, damage can lead to toxin build up, limited energy production, limited nutrition uptake, and more.

  2. ROS also act as signaling molecules that initiate the protection and repair of cells (good)

    1. When acting as signaling molecules, ROS emit biological signals for repair instead of using their energy to bind to molecules. 

Our technology utilizes a wavelength that mimics the “good” signals of ROS using bio-identical signaling. This signal is transmitted via the vapor breathed in from the device. 


The device essentially creates a 4th stage of water. The 3 stages we know of are solid, liquid, and gas – but there’s a special gel-like fluid that we consider the 4th stage- or what some doctors such as Dr. Pollack call it, EZ or exclusion zone water.


This exclusion zone water moves from the structure of H2O to H3O2, forming a honeycomb-like structure. This EZ-water is somewhat gel-like, and is actually essential for cell functionality. When cells don’t have enough of this form of water, they don’t communicate as effectively. The device helps by delivering EZ-Water in the form of water vapor directly to the body, boosting cellular performance and mitigating cell damage.

Benefits of Oxidative Stress Relief:

What to expect during the treatment:

The experience lasts about 15 minutes, and you are simply lying or sitting (we like to do do it while getting a Professional Compression session in). You can choose to breathe from a microphone-like device that you hold, or go hands-free with a mask.


Note: you won’t notice an immediate difference, as this is a treatment that works over time on an internal cellular level. But, highly athletic individuals do tend to notice a 20% reduction in recovery time immediately.

Who is it for?

The device is safe for absolutely everyone; there are no contraindications whatsoever; it’s simply breathing demineralized water in another state (the “4th state” of H3O2).

Breathe out oxidative damage and stress. 

Experience the cellular repair now.

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