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LIVE O2 | Optimized Oxygen Workout

Optimize your workout by flooding the body with oxygen

What is Advanced EWOT?

Advanced EWOT stands for Advanced Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. Essentially, it’s exercise with optimized levels of oxygen.

How does it work?

The Advanced EWOT uses Adaptive Contrast to switch between an oxygen rich and oxygen reduced air environment. This switching between oxygen levels encourages maximum blood flow and oxygenation. 


Normally, the brain and heart “take up” the majority of the oxygen within the body, often leaving little for the rest of the organs to benefit from. With EWOT, your entire body is flooded with oxygen, giving all organs the benefit of oxygen! This super-saturation of oxygen across all tissues, plasma, and lymph facilitates healing and optimized performance.

Benefits of exercising with optimized oxygen:

  • Improves sleep

  • Reduces recovery time

  • Improves athletic performance

  • Increases endurance

  • Flushes oxygen into your cells and organs

  • Increases circulation and blood flow 


What to expect during a session:

During your workout, you’ll be near the Adaptive Contrast system, which has 2 bags that fill with oxygen; one bag is 14% O2, and the other is 90% O2.


You’ll wear a mask during your workout that is attached to these bags, and you will workout for approximately 20 minutes. Someone will be facilitating the manual switch between high oxygen and low oxygen level bags throughout the workout to facilitate the EWOT. You will also wear a an oxygen meter on 1 finger of each hand to monitor your levels throughout the process.

Who is it good for?

EWOT is safe for anyone who is able to perform cardiovascular workouts.

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