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Meditation Pods

The world’s first technology-enabled meditation pod.
A bridge to a better you.

Immerse yourself fully in the meditation pods 

and experience clarity in mental and physical body

What is a Meditation Pod?

The meditation pod helps you drop into a deep 20-minute meditation without any external distractions. You are seated in an isolated pod environment free of any visual or audio distractions, achieving a state of meditation is both easier and more efficient - whether you’re a meditation veteran or new to the practice.


How does the Meditation Pod work?

The meditation pod pairs ancient healing modalities with modern technology:

Binaural beats: playing one sound in the left ear and a second sound in the right ear then creates a 3rd frequency within the brain - a binaural beat. In the pod, you’re able to choose your meditation journey based on how you’d like to feel, and the soundscape will accommodate 1 of the 5 brainwaves most optimal for your goal session’s goals.

Color therapy: colors create electrical impulses in our brains, which stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes in our bodies. Using colored lights, the pod promotes mental and physical benefits through light and color immersion.

Magnetic energy grounding: magnets produce vibrations that occur in nature, and block and dissipate the frequencies emitted by electronic devices, such as cell phones and microwaves. In this way, magnetic therapy resets the body ’s meridian alignment, allowing your vital energy to flow freely throughout your body.

What makes our Meditation Pods different?

Our pod is an EMF-free meditation pod that exceeds “regular” pod standards by providing an extra layer of grounding through its magnetic energy grounding system.


Additionally, since it is not fully enclosed (your calves and feet are exposed), it’s suitable for many people who would otherwise feel claustrophobic in a completely enclosed space.

Benefits of meditation in the pod:

What to expect during a session:

Pure relaxation! You’ll simply sit back, relax, and fully immerse yourself in the 20-minute experience. You’ll be able to choose the experience  from a menu of meditation options. There is a fan vent and the bottom of the pod is open, so you won’t feel completely constricted. You will then choose a journey based on your goals, and simply sit back and relax.


Who is it for?

The pod is for any age and physical capability, except those with photosensitivity. 


Drop into the experience and feel the meditation pod difference today.

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