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Infrared Sauna

Detoxify more effectively than a “regular” sauna,

Energize your body on a cellular level with our infrared sauna and even boost metabolism.

How is an infrared sauna different from a “normal” sauna?

“Regular” saunas- like the ones you sweat it out in at your local gym utilize heat to warm the air in the room, which then causes your body to begin its cooling process of bringing blood closer to the skin, opening the pores, and releasing sweat.


Infrared saunas utilize wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin (1.5 inches!), heating your core temperature from the inside to start that same cooling process without needing as much external heat.


Where traditional saunas can get up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, the infrared sauna remains between 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a lot more tolerable. 


Because your body has to “work” to cool down, you’re also gently activating the cardiovascular system, effectively burning calories and strengthening the heart.


The Biohack Lab's sauna uses full spectrum infrared.

Benefits of the infrared sauna:

Purpose of the infrared sauna?

PURPOSE: sweat toxins out. To sweat them out, you have to take them from where they are -- it’s like you’re steaming the toxins inside your body -- so you need to GET RID of them.


What to expect during an Infrared Sauna session:

An infrared sauna session can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 60 minutes, as long as your body reaches a minimum core temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will wear a swimsuit or underwear of choice, and what you do inside is up to you - you can meditate, sing, dance, stretch, or even watch a show on the screen inside.

Bring a change of clothes - though the sauna is not as hot as a traditional sauna, you will still sweat! We will be providing towels and there will be a shower available for use as well.

Who is the infrared sauna good for?

The infrared sauna is great for nearly everyone, whether it’s for detox, recovery, or simple relaxation. Use of the infrared sauna is not recommended for children under 12, people who are pregnant, those with insensitivity or hypersensitivity to heat, and anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Biohacking detox with infrared saunas:

One of the main reasons we love the infrared sauna is because of its ability to promote detox, especially at how efficiently it works. Because of this, if you’ve got a lot of toxins (such as junk from unhealthy processed food, alcohol, or environmental toxins), you may feel pretty icky your first 2-3 times or for a few days after your first few sessions. This is because the sauna is moving toxins around - and in moving around, they don’t always make it out right away. Because of this, we like to use binders when we know we’re detoxifying for specific reasons.

Biohacking the infrared sauna with binders:

A binder is something you ingest so that toxins literally bind to it and are carried out of your body through your bodily waste. We recommend taking a binder 2-3 hours before an infrared sauna session, such as:

  • Activated charcoal

  • Chlorophyll

  • Enterosgel 

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