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Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy

Experience this modern-day “miracle machine” safe for everyone (even kids!)  that can help you recover 10-20x faster and boost brain function.

What is a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

In short, hyperbaric oxygen therapy pressurizes the environment in a chamber, which effectively sends oxygen to the organs that don’t often get enough of it! 

Because of this, athletes love it - it helps them recover from training faster, so they can keep training longer and harder - it also helps them recover from any injuries they’ve sustained from practice much faster.

HBOT benefits:

How does HBOT work?

Regularly, oxygen can only be carried through the body by hemoglobin, which is a relatively large molecule. Because of its size, it doesn’t always get to the teensy tiny places in your body, like your capillaries and the very small blood vessels in your brain and lungs or to areas blocked by scar tissue or inflammation.


In the hyperbaric chamber, the air is pressurized so that the oxygen can flow through cells, fluids, and tissue without the need for hemoglobin - so it does get into those teensy tiny (or blocked) places that need it most. 


Without oxygen, the cells in your body literally cannot regenerate. This has huge implications for brain health, lung health, and overall healing.

What to expect during a HBOT session:

You can wear whatever you’d like during the session. You will lie down in the soft hyperbaric oxygen chamber for 60-90, during which you can do whatever you’d like.


  We like to:

  • Take a restorative nap (like Justin Bieber does)

  • Meditate

  • Use the BrainTap

  • Listen to an audiobook

  • Read a book from the BHL library

  • Practice breathing exercises

  • Catch up on our Netflix


For the first few minutes, you’ll feel a slight change in pressure, very similar to the pressure you feel as you take off in an airplane. You will feel the same depressurization when your session comes to an end.

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Who is hyperbaric oxygen therapy for?

Hyperbaric Chamber is for literally EVERYONE. Kids. Middle Age. Elderly. Anyone.

In fact, many parents will rent HBOT chambers for their children to sit in at home, since it’s so beneficial for brain development! 

Recover and boost brain function like a celeb today with our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy!


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