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Advanced Lymphatic Detox Therapy

This isn’t your normal compression therapy.

Squeeze the pain out of your body, increase blood flow,

 and improve circulation with the world-renowned lymphatic drainage technology 

What is Advanced Lymphatic Detox Therapy?

In Advanced Lymphatic Detox Therapy (also called pressotherapy or pneumatic compression therapy) is a mechanical form of lymphatic drainage massage. During the session, the individual wears a garment or device that applies pressure gradually using compressed air. Usually, these are leg sleeves/boots or arm sleeves, where pressure is applied in a gentle swirling, pulsating, rhythmic manner. 


Compression therapy is utilized for lymphatic drainage and supporting the flow of the lymph fluid, which, unlike blood, does not have a “pump” (like the heart!) to circulate it around in the body. The mechanical system inflates and deflates intermittently to mimic natural blood flow, stimulating both flood flow and lymph fluid flow (and drainage).

Does Advanced Lymphatic Detox Therapy hurt?

Not at all! It is very relaxing and gentle - it’s like a very, very light massage.

What is the lymphatic system?

Your body has approximately 600 lymph nodes (not just in your neck!), which are small glands that cleanse the lymph fluid as it filters through them. Inside the lymph nodes are white blood cells called lymphocytes, which are basically your body’s defense system. These cells include natural killer cells, B cells, and T-cells, all of which work together to make antibodies, control your immune response, and kill tumorous, viral, and bacterial cells (aka: the bad guys). 


These glands are connected to the rest of the lymphatic system, which is essentially the waste management of your body - it’s a network of tissues, vessels, and organs that collects excess fluids that drains from cells and tissue, filters out damaged, cancerous, and other trouble-making cells, then returns the “filtered” fluid back to the bloodstream to recirculate.


But where the blood has the heart to pump it up and down the body, the lymphatic system has no “pump” other than you. The lymphatic system needs to be circulated just as much as the blood - and requires stimulation via physical movement (such as exercise) or manual (or mechanical) lymphatic simulation. Exercise doesn’t always cover all the movement, though - most exercise, other than yoga, doesn’t incorporate inversions, which effectively moves the lymph fluid upward -- and why we recommend lymphatic drainage through compression therapy. This is why we love the BallancerPro so much!

How is our Advanced Lymphatic Detox Therapy different?

Ours is an FDA-cleared device that isn’t your average compression therapy: it’s a head-to-toe suit, fit to your size perfectly. As a result, you’re not just stimulating a few limbs while the rest of your body is stagnant - you are truly circulating all your lymph fluid at the same time.


There’s a reason celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston - two ladies renowned for their uncanny ability to stay young - love it - the benefits speak for themselves:

Benefits of Advanced Lymphatic Detox Therapy at The Biohack Lab:

  • Supports immune system by circulating lymph fluid

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

  • Reduces appearance of cellulite

  • Visible weight loss: lose 1-2 inches from your waist and thighs with regular use

  • Reduces recovery time 

  • Reduces post-surgery (or post-injury) swelling

  • Reduces bloating and fluid retention

  • Relieves muscle and joint pain

What to expect during a session:

The session lasts 30-45 minutes total. Wear anything you are comfortable in - we recommend long pants or leggings for the most comfort. 


The BallancerPro is sanitized between each session, and you will be given a fully sanitized suit protective covering that’s worn over your clothes. 


A team member will help you into the compression suit and zip it to fit your size. You’ll be lying down comfortably - you can take a nap, listen to your own music/audiobooks, or experience any of our favorite add ons, such as the BrainTap or Oxidative Stress Relief!

When your session is up, you’ll be helped out of the suit. 

Who is Advanced Lymphatic Detox Therapy for?

Lymphatic drainage is beneficial for anyone at any age and physical capability. 

Drain your lymphatic system. Feel lighter after one session.

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